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Accident & Fire Pictures

66 New Home Road Trailer Fire

New Home Rd @ Ballard Rd Accident

1400 Block of New Home Rd Accident

300 Block of Leiderman Rd Accident

New Home Loop House Fire

Highway 11 House Fire

Highway 299 Brush Fire/Vehicle Fire/Shed Fire

Hales Gap just down from Murphy Hollow Road

Scratch Ankle Road Accident

12 EMT's Train with Vehicle Extrication

Lookout Mountain FOOLS Holds School Bus Extrication Class

New Home Fire Crews Quickly Extinguish a Dryer Fire

House Fire Claims the Life of a Child

Dade County Firefighters Battle A Blazing Warehouse Fire

Chicken House Destroyed by Fire in Dade County

Highway 11 North @ Tennessee State Line

New Home Loop Roll Over (Blue Truck)

Brow Road Accident (White Car)

New Home Road Roll Over

Brow Road Vehicle Fire

Dennis Road Trailer Fire

Dump Truck Fire

Hales Gap Roll Over

Hunter Trace House Fire

Highway 299 Accident

I-24 Accident

Leiderman Road House Fire

McCurdy Road House Fire

New Home Loop Accident

New Home Loop Barn Fire

New Home Loop Roll Over

New Home Road Accident

Slygo Citgo Vehicle Fire


** More Pictures to come.